Miss Lonely Hearts

In 1922, four years after her lover’s death, Caro returns to London, committed to never falling in love again. Except her sister’s best friend, Nora, immediately challenges her resolve. After Caro’s sister places a matrimonial advertisement for Nora, Caro responds to the ad in an act of kindness that will threaten to unravel their burgeoning romance.

Miss Lonely Hearts is a finalist in the Georgia Romance Writers’ 2018 Unpublished Maggie Contest in Historical Romance and placed first in Historical Romance for the OCCRWA’s 2018 Orange Rose Contest.

Untitled Feuding Scientists Romance

Surprise! One’s a geologist, one’s a paleontologist. They use male names to publish their work and they hate each other. It’s a work in progress, but there are currently a lot of geological insults (I apologize in advance).


Before you go, may I offer you an ichthyosaur skull complete with scleral ring, found by Joseph Anning in 1811? Mary Anning found the rest the next year.


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