As a matter of housekeeping, and to make this thing active again (after saying I’d update this frequently three years ago), I’m going to confess to somehow becoming a book blogger. I had briefly threatened to create a secret identity just so I could review f/f romances honestly, and Suzanne of Love in Panels convinced me to just send those reviews to her. She then convinced me to review more than f/f romances.

Anyway, the goal was (and is) to review f/f romances without needing to be nice. Essentially, reviewing f/f the same way we would review m/f or m/m or really any other pairing. It’s not that I want to be mean. Suzanne and I wanted to present reviews of f/f that didn’t pretend things were great, that called out the rampant biphobia, that pointed out how white f/f and lesfic books are, and really, how we deserve better books. (Talk to me about the f/f romances you love [preferably not SF, fantasy, or paranormals] because I really want more books to read and recommend.) This is where I say that book reviews are for readers, not authors.

My reviews so far are here.

If you’re curious, I review historical romances (all pairings) and queer contemporary romances. I really wish I was more inclined to like science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, romantic suspense, and erotic romances, but they aren’t my thing. Other people are better at them, so I leave those subgenres to the other folks at Love in Panels.

Also, I run the Love in Panels Instagram if you want a pretty steady stream of pets, flowers, knitwear, and food photographed with books. My dog is an excellent model.

(Hopefully, I can update this blog again before three years have passed.)

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